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Love to Ride gives your business healthier, happier, more productive staff.



Stay Connected

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Taking part in the Love to Ride programme gives your staff the opportunity to connect around riding, encourage one another, and celebrate progress towards shared goals. We'll also be there to provide your staff with all the information and support they need, whether they are new to riding or already commute by bike.



What You Get

Your Own Love to Ride Business Page

We'll create an online riding community for all your staff to join, whether they are new to riding or already commute by bike.

Keep tabs on ride data and stats at the individual, office and organisation-wide level.



Love to Ride Profile

Our Signature Interventions

A new intervention runs every quarter, and they’re a great way of achieving positive change in the workplace. 

There are always great prizes up for grabs and tailored messaging for each staff member to suit the type of rider they are. We'll also provide you with a full promotional pack to help you get the word out.


Data...Sweet Data

Your company's data is broken down by office and department to show you varying levels of engagement and participation.

You can even pull reports to get deep into the nitty-gritty of how people are riding at your company.


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What people say about Love to Ride

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Brilliant! It was great for bringing unity to our team and encouraging different offices to work together towards a shared goal.
Ian Philips
A Regular Rider at Cable and Wireless
Guy Walker
It was fun to try and increase my mileage and to stay ahead of the other companies.
Guy Walker
Occasional Rider at AAA Building Services
Even the less competitive amongst us loved climbing the leaderboards. That's very motivating!
Megan Lane
New Rider at Empathy Design
Was a fantastic initiative, I was able to help motivate work colleagues to cycle more and to take up riding for the first time.
Dave Campbell
Occasional Rider from Western Australia

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Together we'll get more people at your company riding!